Solar Panel Inspection Drones | 5 Advantages Of  Solar Panel Inspection

Solar Panel Inspection Drones

Most industries now start using solar panels for their electricity. The solar power industry is multiplying. But these panels require an inspection to enhance performance for this purpose solar panel inspection drones are helpful.

Inspection is essential to detect malfunctions and increase operating health. The inspection helps you to repair underperforming solar panels and saves time and money in the long term. Typically you have to inspect your solar plant twice a year.

Nowadays, high-end, highly reliable thermal imaging drones inspect solar panels. Drone inspection requires less money and involves low risk. 

5 Advantages Of  Solar Panel Inspection

Warranty Claims

Checking your solar panels are working at total capacity is very necessary. If not, you can submit a warranty claim to get the returns you deserve.

There are two types of Solar Panels Warranties: Performance warranty and product warranty.

Product warranty protects against issues that are due to the manufacturing process. 

solar panel inspection drone
solar panel inspection drone

Performance warranty guaranteed minimum output from a solar panel yearly.

Traditional inspections produce accurate data to satisfy most performance warranty claims. But now you can inspect several issues that cause output loss.

With inspection drones, you can confirm whether solar panels are operating. If not, you can quickly validate your claim because drone inspections are more reliable, and you have evidence.

Warranty claims need very granular level details. They also need to verify inspection was performed according to IEC standards. Fortunately, thermographic drone inspection does both. It provides precise IEC-complaint analysis that helps to identify defective solar panels.

Better Documentation

Drones allow for keeping data over time. Drone data helps you keep detailed records of solar panel conditions and past repairs. 

For example, if a few solar panel cells are not working, then it’s not eligible for complete replacement but keeping a record of these panels is vital as they could lead to a bigger problem in the future.

Drone inspection documentation helps to prevent future breakdowns.

Installation Issues

Drones detect a lot of solar hardware defects after installation. 75% of module defects occur before operation. 25% during the planning and 5% during installation. To identify these mistakes, you will surely need a drone inspection.

Traditional inspection cannot detect mistakes accurately, but drone inspection can detect problems over a vast area.

Advantages of  solar panel inspection

Time and Cost

More comprehensive inspections cost more. The manual inspection takes hours to complete, and they are not even 100% accurate. Traditional inspections require more time and money. 

On the other hand, drone inspections are 10 times faster than traditional inspections. Drone inspections are more effective and less costly. Drones can detect 99% of defects during the inspection. Using drone inspections, you can fix issues before they become significant problems.

Customer Satisfaction

Drone inspections deliver greater customer satisfaction than traditional ones. While having a contract with the drone inspection team solar plant’s owner won’t need to deal with contractors to work for days without accuracy. Drone pilots will do their work within a few hours.

Can I inspect my roof with a drone?


Drone inspection is more valuable than traditional inspection in terms of money and time. Drone inspection will be done in a few hours with 99% accuracy than traditional methods.

Nowadays, most industries rely on Solar plants, so their solar plant should be perfect and generate maximum output.


Can I inspect my roof with a drone?

A drone roof inspection is beneficial as it is less risky, more accessible, and more accurate. A drone roof inspection can be done in 45 minutes. On the other hand, traditional inspection takes 4-5 hours.

Can I jam the signal to a drone?

It’s illegal to jam any radio signals. Federal Laws don’t allow to use and sale of any jamming product that interrupts authorized radio communication. Drones are authorized. That’s why it’s not allowed to jam drone signals.

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