Quadcopter vs Hexacopter

Quadcopter vs Hexacopter

If you’re looking for a hexacopter, you have to ensure a few things. You should know the advantages of a hexacopter as compared to a quadcopter. Make sure that which drone will meet your needs effectively. In this article, we will discuss which is better: quadcopter vs hexacopter.

We will compare both drones, which will make it easy for you.

quadcopter vs hexacopter

What is a quadcopter?

A drone has four rotors that help it fly in the air and hover for a long time. A quadcopter is a remote-controlled UAV ( Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle) mainly used for videography.

What is a Hexacopter?

A hexacopter consists of six rotors and six motors that help fly in the air. It’s also a UAV controlled by a remote.

Use of Quadcopter

Quadcopter mostly for videography and photography. These drones are mostly compact in size and low in weight. One disadvantage of quadcopters is they can’t lift an additional payload

Use of quadcopter

Use of Hexacopter

Hexacopter is used in high-level cinematography. The Main is they can lift larger cameras which use for films. These UAVs are available in all sizes.

Pros and Cons Of Quadcopter vs Hexacopter

Hexacopter are different from quadcopters in many ways which we will discuss now.

Payload Capacity

Hexacopter can lift heavy weights as compared to quadcopters. This is the reason they can be seen in industries like agriculture, professional cinematography and surveying

Flight Duration

Now quadcopters have an edge over hexacopters. They don’t offer any additional flight time due to larger weights. They need more power to lift heavy weights.


One more benefit of quadcopters is that they are compact compared to helicopters. The quadcopter can be foldable as well.

Motor Dependent

Hexacopter has six motors, if the motor fails, the aircraft will be stable to maintain elevation and land safely. On the hand, quadcopters have four motors. If one of them fails drone will crash.

Quadcopter vs Hexacopter


Hexacopters are more expensive because of their design and additional functions. These UAVs mostly use in industries and need to be good in quality. That’s why they are expensive

Which one is more stable

Since hexacopter have motors in a circular pattern compared to quadcopters, changing direction is more stable and work will be done more effectively.


Hexacopters are mostly used in industries and for professional work. If you’re new to drones, you should go with a quadcopter that helps you learn skills. Quadcopters are very much cheaper.

Quadcopters are most commonly used for videography. A quadcopter is best if you’re looking for a drone for videography.


Is a hexacopter better than a quadcopter?

Hexacopter can lift heavy weights, providing more stable flight than quadcopters. If one of the motors fails, the hexacopter can maintain its balance and land safely.

What are Hexacopter drones used for?

Hexacopters mostly used for
Film videography
Agriculture industries
Surveying purposes and other fields require heavy weight lifting.

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