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Are you considering using your drone to get to Paris? Do you want to record the breathtaking aerial views of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, or the Eiffel Tower? If so, you must be knowledgeable of Paris’s drone regulations and how to abide by them.

Millions of tourists visit Paris each year, making it one of the most well-liked tourist attractions in the world. In France and throughout Europe, it is also one of the most restricted locations for drone use. Drones are prohibited from being flown anywhere within the Paris metropolitan region, putting you at danger of paying a huge fine or perhaps going to jail.

Paris Drone Laws

Quick Summary:

  • Paris is a strict no-fly zone for drones due to security, privacy, and public safety concerns.
  • Violating drone laws in Paris can result in penalties such as fines up to €75,000, imprisonment for up to one year, drone seizure, and license suspension or revocation.
  • To operate a drone legally in France (outside of Paris), registration with the French Civil Aviation Authority (FCAA) is required.
  • General guidelines for drone use in France and Europe include not flying over people, respecting privacy, avoiding airports, flying in ideal weather conditions and during the day, maintaining visual contact, following height and speed restrictions, and having a remote identification system.
  • Researching legal flying locations is important, and official resources such as the FCAA’s website and app, the EASA’s website, and the official map of no-fly zones in France can be used.
  • Best practices for drone flying include checking equipment before flight, familiarizing oneself with local laws and risks, obtaining necessary permissions, respecting privacy and property rights, avoiding disturbance to wildlife and the environment, being considerate of other drone users and bystanders, and responsibly managing recorded footage.
  • By adhering to regulations and best practices, drone enthusiasts can enjoy their hobby or business safely and ethically in Paris and throughout France.

By following this advice, you won’t have to worry about breaking any laws or putting your safety or that of others in danger while engaging in your drone hobby or company in Paris.

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Why Paris is a No Fly Zone for Drones

For a number of reasons, primarily due to worries about security and privacy, Paris is a No Fly Zone for drones. The city is home to numerous sensitive and protected locations, including airports, nuclear power plants, government buildings, military bases, and historical monuments. Drone operations over certain regions could jeopardize public safety or national security, as well as violate people’s or organizations’ privacy.

Why Paris is a No Fly Zone for Drones

Paris is a bustling, heavily inhabited metropolis with many barriers in the way, including cars, bicycles, pedestrians, and cyclists. In the event of an accident or malfunction, flying a drone over persons or big groups could result in severe injury or damage. Additionally, it can affect the city’s and its residents’ calm and peace.

Therefore, it is against the law and subject to harsh penalties to operate a drone in Paris. The following outcomes are possible when using a drone in Paris, according to the French Civil Aviation Authority (FCAA):

  • Up to a €75,000 fine
  • a maximum one-year jail term
  • Drone and its gear being seized
  • the license of the drone operator being suspended or revoked

Regardless of the size, weight, or intended use of their drones, commercial and recreational drone owners alike are subject to these fines. Only authorized drone owners who have received a special waiver from the FCAA or other pertinent authorities to use their drones in Paris for specified tasks like filming, research, or emergency services are exempt from this rule.

How to Register Your Drone in France

You must register your drone with the FCAA in order to legally operate it in France (outside of Paris). All drone pilots using the following types of drones are required to do this:

  • more than 250 grams in weight
  • Are outfitted with a camera or another sensor that can record personal information.
  • In accordance with Directive 2009/48/EC, are not toys

To register your drone in France, you need to follow these steps:

  1. On the FCAA website , register for an account.
  2. Put your contact information and information about your drone(s) in an online form.
  3. Register for a year for €30, three years for €75, and five years for €100.
  4. Get a confirmation email that includes your certificate and registration number.
  5. When flying, mark your drone(s) with your registration number and carry your certificate.
How to Register Your Drone in France

You can legally fly your drone in any area in France that is not a No Fly Zone (like Paris) if you register it there. Aside from France, every other nation in the European Union that adheres to the same rules will likewise allow you to fly your drone without restriction.

General Rules for Flying Drones in France and Europe

The uniform European drone flying laws, which are intended to create a unified drone market in Europe with the highest level of safety, have been implemented by France as of December 31, 2020. Based on the degree of risk involved, these regulations provide three categories for drone operations: Open, Specific, and Certified.

The most prevalent and liberal category, Open includes the majority of drone applications in both commercial and recreational settings. The Specific category is for riskier and more complicated drone operations that call for FCAA prior approval or self-declaration by the drone operator. The highest risk drone operations fall under the Certified category, which calls for a certified drone, a licensed pilot, and an authorized operator.

You will need to abide by various laws and regulations depending on the type of drone operation you are conducting. However, there are some broad guidelines that all drone activities in France and Europe must abide by, such as:

  • Never fly your drone over humans or crowds of people.
  • When operating your drone, respect the privacy of others.
  • Do not fly your drone within a 5-kilometer radius of airports or in locations where aircraft are operating.
  • You can only fly in ideal weather conditions and during the day.
  • Flying a drone in sensitive regions, such as inside of military or government buildings, is prohibited. In certain regions, it is not permitted to use drones or drones with cameras.
  • You have to always keep your drone in sight and at a safe distance from other drones, planes, and obstructions.
  • You must adhere to the maximum height and speed restrictions for your category of drone operation.
  • A current insurance policy that covers your drone operation is required.
  • Your drone must have a remote identification system that enables law enforcement to recognize both you and your drone.
General rules for flying drones in France and Europe

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Drones are prohibited in Paris, as was previously noted, thus you are not permitted to fly them there. As long as you adhere to the laws and regulations, you can legally fly your drone in a lot of other locations in France.

Use the following sites and tools to research where you can legally fly your drone in France:

  • No Fly Zones in France are depicted on this official map, which is available at official site
  • AlphaTango, the FCAA’s official app (available for iOS and Android).
  • The European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) official webpage

You can use these resources and tools to plan your drone flights in advance and stay clear of flying them in places where it’s forbidden or restricted. Additionally, they will give you helpful advice on how to use your drone safely and ethically.

How to Find Out Legal Paris Drone Laws

Tips for Flying Drones Safely and Responsibly

Drone flying can be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby or business, but it also carries significant hazards and obligations. These recommendations and best practices will help you fly your drone safely and responsibly:

  • Check the battery level, propellers, camera, and remote control of your drone before taking it for a test flight.
  • Check the local laws and restrictions of the area where you intend to fly your drone before you take to the air.
  • Before you fly, familiarize yourself with the risks and disputes that could result from your drone operation.
  • Obtain the essential licences or authorizations from the appropriate authorities or landowners before to flying.
  • Respect other people’s privacy and property rights when you’re flying.
  • Avoid disturbing or injuring wildlife or the environment when flying.
  • When flying, be considerate and respectful of other drone users and bystanders.
  • After use, safely and securely reclaim your drone.
  • Review your footage after landing and remove any undesirable or inappropriate photos or videos.

You can enjoy your drone hobby or business in Paris without breaking the law or putting yourself or others in risk if you abide by these best practices and suggestions.


Paris is a stunning city with a wealth of tourist attractions and local landmarks. It is also a No Fly Zone for drones, so you cannot fly one anywhere in the city without running the danger of paying a huge fine or possibly going to jail.

Outside of Paris, you must register your drone with the FCAA and abide by the basic guidelines for drone use in Europe in order to legally operate a drone in France. Using the official tools and information offered by the FCAA and EASA, you should also confirm where you can fly your drone lawfully in France.

By following this advice, you won’t have to worry about breaking any laws or putting your safety or that of others in danger while engaging in your drone hobby or company in Paris.  Happy flight!


Is it legal to fly Drones in France?

According to France’s national aviation authority, the French Civil Aviation Authority, flying a drone is legal in France. However, it is recommended to be aware of and compliant with the drone regulations before doing so. France is part of the European Union and therefore must abide by the drone regulations put in place by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Can I fly a drone at Versailles?

NO, It is expressly forbidden to use any floating or aerial model, as well as any remote-controlled aircraft (including drones) within the Estate (the Gardens of Versailles, Park of Versailles, Marie-Antoinette’s Estate) without prior written permission . Only drones of a strictly professional purpose are allowed, subject to a declaration to the prefecture and agreement from the Palace of Versailles, and with proof of professional insurance covering the risks .

Which country has banned the use of drones?

Here is a small list of countries where drones are banned:
1. Algeria 
2. Egypt 

Can I fly drone Dubai?

Yes, you can fly a drone in Dubai if you are a UAE national or EID holder. However, you require a certificate and must follow Dubai’s rules for drone flying . In order to fly a drone for personal use in Dubai, you must register the drone with the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) .

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