How To Calibrate A Drone (1)

How To Calibrate a Drone

You have drones and don’t know how to calibrate a drone or how many times you should calibrate your drone. There are several questions which arise while owning a drone. 

If you just bought a drone or you didn’t operate your drone for a while. This may cause drone sensors to fall slightly or significantly out of calibration. Drones have many built-in sensors that help perform a smooth flight.

We will discuss why, how often and how to calibrate a drone to operate drone flight smoothly.

how to calibrate a drone

Why you should calibrate your drone

There are several reasons why you should calibrate your drone regularly.

  • You must calibrate your drone before flying it when you travel from one place to another.
  • Small Bumps and Hard handling could be the reason for sensors misplacement. You should calibrate your drone in this situation.
  • If your drone loses altitude during flight, it is time to calibrating.
  • You need to calibrating when your drone drifts in one direction and is unstable during flight.
  • When your drone is hovering badly at one altitude, even if there is no mind, calibration of the drone is compulsory.
  • When you update your drone’s firmware, it is a good time to calibrate to avoid wrong values.
  • Too much vibration and temperature changes may also cause irregularities.
  • You should done calibrating your drone when your drone is near a magnet, like speakers.

how to calibrate a drone

Calibrating a drone consists of a few easy tasks.

Calibrate compass

Try to start the calibration process in an open space. Calibration is different for all drones. Few are most straightforward, but few are complicated.

  1. Remove all propellers and remove calibrating the compass.
  2. Turn on the drone, select the aircraft status bar from the app, and select calibration.
  3. Now press start from the menu to start the calibration process.
  4. Now it will show you how to hold the drone while the compass calibrates.
  5. Hold your drone and rotate it 360 degrees horizontally. Greenlight will show if it is successful.
  6. Now hold your drone vertically and point to the ground.
  7. Around the centre axis, turn it 360 degrees; now green light will show, indicating successfully done.
Calibrate compass
Try to start the calibration process in an open space. Calibration is different for all drones. Few are most straightforward, but few are complicated.

Calibrating IMU

IMU stands for Internal Measuring Unit, which consists of a gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer and thermometer.

  1. Place your drone on a perfectly levelled surface to calibrate IMU.
  2. Let your drone cold down to your room temperature.
  3. Check the battery, and it should be charged more than 50%.
  4. Open your drone app from mobile.
  5. Turn on your drone and controller.
  6. From the app, select primary controller setting, advanced setting, and sensors and then select calibrate IMU.
  7. When calibration is complete, then restart your drone.
Calibrate a Drone


Calibrating your drone consists of simple steps, but you need to perform these simple tasks regularly. Sometimes ignorance of these few simple tasks could be the reason for big problems.

You should also take care of other people, so it’s best to check your drone on time to avoid serious accidents.


Do you have to calibrate a drone every time?

Manufacturers recommend doing calibration before every flight. Modern drones have a feature when the drone turns on; the gyroscope calibrates automatically. Some calibrations are done at the factory. You won’t need to do them again.

What does calibrating a drone mean?

Calibration is the process of aligning the drone’s light system with the earth’s magnetic north. Calibration is necessary before every flight to avoid any accidents.

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