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How To Become A Drone Surveyor | 5 Steps How To Become A Drone Surveyor

How To Become A Drone Surveyor

UAVs are a more reliable method for surveying. Drones are faster, more accurate, and risk-free than traditional surveying methods. After the invention of drones, many job opportunities have been created, and one of the most in-demand jobs is drone surveying. Now your question will be how to become a drone surveyor.

There are reasons why drones are better than traditional methods. 

 Drones are faster

  •  Low manpower needed
  •  Easy access to tricky areas ( Risk-free)
  •  Accurate
Survey Drones

For Example, if a roof inspection takes 3-4 hours to be completed with the help of a drone inspection can be done in 30 minutes.

Surveying drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and can detect faulty areas very quickly and more deeply.  

5 Steps How To Become A Drone Surveyor

Need of License

Anyone who wants to be a professional drone surveyor will need a drone license, and he should register with the FAA Federal Aviation Administration. All drone pilots must have to do that.

Once registered, you will get a Pilot ID, and you will be responsible for any usage. 

Operations and Restrictions

After getting a Pilot ID, you must learn drone operation rules. Learning this operation is necessary before getting into a professional career. 

One hundred twenty meters is the maximum height limit. You cannot fly higher than this limit. Moreover, you have to keep a minimum 50-meter distance from people every time.

FAA advises pilots to keep a 150-meter distance from residential, commercial, or industrial areas. Wisely you should refrain from flying over shopping centers, festivals, and other crowded places.

Why do drones cant fly over 400ft?

Now, if you’re looking for a long career as a drone surveyor, you should know restricted zones like prisons, military bases, palaces, governmental areas, and airports. Not following restrictions, you could be fined or imprisoned for up to 5-6 years.

Accurate Data

Now you got a Pilot ID and learned all the necessary rules. It is time to capture data with accuracy which satisfies your customer. Data accuracy is all about data type, the height of the flight, camera resolution, and weather conditions.

Flying closer to the targeted site helps you to collect more accurate data. Camera resolution also has a big impact on data accuracy. High-End drones are equipped with 20-megapixel cameras.

Mapping Software

Drone mapping software continually evolves into data analysis and geolocation technology. Now you want to expand your business, you will need to learn and experience this software and be updated.

Drone mapping helps construction managers to generate the big picture and make decisions accurately.

Start Your Career

Once you get a Pilot ID, learn all operations, know the restrictions, and have experience in the mapping software, you can start your business.

You can start your business or join a company. A lot of drone surveyor jobs require a license and experience. 


The drone surveyor job needs a skilled pilot who knows an advanced level of mapping. Because mapping is all about accurate data collection, you will need a high-end drone with a high-resolution camera which helps you to capture more detailed data.

You have to learn mapping software as well.


Do you need a license to survey with a drone?

Yes, You will need a license to fly drones for surveys and commercial use. It’s necessary to learn all rules and restrictions.

Is it hard to get an FAA drone license?

No, it’s not hard to get a license. But you should be at least 15 years old. You need to learn the basics of drones. Physically and mentally meet the operator’s standards.

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