How Much Weight Can A Drone Carry? | Types OF Drones And Their Weight Limits

How Much Weight Can A Drone Carry?

Traffic and huge distances in big cities are a trouble to deliver packages. Fortunately, Not now because Drones can deliver packages to customer doorstep. Drones are now part of our life. We are very used to Drones. In the coming time, Drones will replace humans in many jobs, like drones removing Helicopter camera operator jobs. But now, one question is how much weight a drone can carry.

Eventually additional payload varies between the designs of drones. Most common drones can carry an additional weight of 500 grams. Generally there are special drones that can carry 200 kg. Therefore the payload capacity of drones is related to the industry.

Norwegian drone Griff 300 lifts 300 kg gross weight. This is most by any drone, but more powerful drones still need to be disclosed. 

We discussed below that a drone‘s weight capacity depends on different factors.

Types of Drones and their weight limits.

Factors How Much Weight Can A Drone Carry

Drones generally have 4 major categories: Toy, mini, hobby and professional drones. Most people who are new to drones like to buy toy drones. People can practise on toy drones as they are relatively inexpensive. So there is no issue if their drone crashes.

Whereas People also like to fly hobby drones because they can shoot videos and photographs with their skills. Professional drones are commonly used in many industries where people are hired for this job. 

Now you can understand a drone’s payload capacity depends on its category. Toy drones can carry a maximum of around half a pound. Professional drones are designed to carry 11 kg to 227 kg weight. It means they can also carry a human.

Drone weight

Toy drones carry low weight, not because they are cheap. Undoubtedly these are very small, and their weight is much less. Mini drones also can carry small payloads due to this reason.

Professional drones are designed to perform specific tasks like searching, rescuing, Surveying and other hard jobs. That’s why they are specially designed for specific tasks.

How much weight can a drone carry?

Battery weight

The drone’s battery weight also determines how much payload the drone can carry. If your drone’s battery weight is high or has many batteries, you have much less weight capacity for other accessories.

Mini and Toy drones are designed to carry only a little weight. These drones can shoot good videos and photographs. 


Propellers are another factor that causes the weight of the payload. Just like batteries, if propellers are big, they are heavier. Eventually there will be less payload capacity available. 

Motors Power

Good-quality motors will fly a drone with payload without any trouble. Cheap motors can’t help to fly even with a smartphone case.

You will face this issue in Low-end drones where the payload is incompatible. Professional drones do their best to carry enough payload. 

Types of Drones and their weight limits.

  • Toy Drones

Toy drones can’t lift payloads. Toy drones are designed for fun purposes. Meanwhile if you’re new to drones, then you should buy toy drones to learn skills. There will be no if your drone is crashed or damaged.

  • Mini Drones

Mini drones are smaller in size and used for carrying very small weights. Mini drones can easily lift 0.5 pounds. Adding more weight will be issued for these drones.

  • Hobby Drone

Hobby drones are used for aerial videography. Hobby drones can lift up to 20kg payload.

These drones have high-resolution cameras for shooting vlogs and high-resolution videos.

  • Professional Drones

Professional drones are designed for specific tasks. Different industries use professional drones for different purposes. Professional drones can lift heavy weights. The use of these drones in industries like agriculture or construction is very common.

How much weight can a drone carry?


Drones can lift heavy weights. Drone technology is improving daily, and you can see more improvement in the payload capacity of drones. 

Now it’s up to users which type they want to do with drones. Hobby drones can shoot Good quality Bird view videography. 

therefore if you want to lift heavy weights or do other tasks, you should use professional drones.


Can a drone carry 100 kg?

Yes, Professional drones designed for specific tasks can lift 100 kg without flattering. Professional drones can lift even more than 100 kg as well.

How much weight can a drone pick up?

Up-to 8kg. Hobby drones or commercial drones have the ability to lift 1-8 kg without flattering. Besides, professional drones can lift even more than 8 kg as they are designed for specific tasks.

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