How Fast Can Drones Fly | What Makes Drones Fly Faster?

How Fast Can Drones Fly

Just like other tech devices, people also want to know the specs and limits of drones. One thing about drones that everyone is asking for is their speed. How fast can drones fly.

The average speed of commercial drones varies between 35 to 65 mph (56 to 104 kph). But if you’re looking for a Toy drone, they have a top speed of 21 mph. Racing or high-end drones can fly at extremely fast speeds. Racing drones are designed to fly at more than 100 mph(160 kph)

However, people customise their drones to achieve more. After setting a few components, you can fly your Drone even faster. In this article, I will tell you which factors affect the Drone’s speed and how you can upgrade your drone speed.

Fastest Drone in the world?

What makes drones fly faster?

As we discussed, commercial drones have a high speed of 65 mph when flying in perfect conditions. Racing drones can cross the barrier of 100 mph.

The Drone’s highest speed is determined by design, type and weight.

That’s why we discussed all these factors so you can decide. KEEP READING

Type Of Drone

The most important factor which determines a drone’s speed is its type. Common types of drones are below:

Toy Drones

Toy drones are the first choice for drone learners. Having top speed of 21 mph. These are the most basic type of drones.

Commercial Drones.

People who are looking to capture bird-view Videos which also at good speed must go with commercial drones. Commercial drones have a top speed of 104 kph.

You have to learn skills to fly drones at that high speed.

Racing Drones

For people who are fond of speed and want to fly their drones at top speed, then this category is for them. These Drones can break the barrier of 100 mph (160 kph). Racing drones are also modified to speed up, so after some modification, these drones can reach 120 mph.

Military drones can even fly faster, but military drones are not available in public markets. 

What makes drones fly faster?


Now drones are again classified into 2 types

Fixed Wing

Rotary Wings

  • Rotary Wings

These drones have propellers connected to motors, giving them lift to fly in the air. The most common type of rotary Drone is a quadcopter. These drones can hover in the air. Mostly used for videography or in sports events.

  • Fixed

Just looks like an airplane. Fixed drones have the qualities of airplanes as well. These are designed to move fast in forward motion.


Many manufacturers determine that their drones are lighter in weight. Heavier drones need more power to fly, so their flight time is less. Drones are lighter in weight to gain the highest speed. It is also possible by not being too heavy.

Fastest Drone in the world?

DLX RacerX has the world record for the fastest Drone in the world. RacerX gains a top speed of 179 mph (288 kph), which is insane. 

How fast can drones fly


Commercial drones, commonly used worldwide, have a top speed of 65 mph. If you’re looking to fly even faster, you should go with racing drones. You have to learn skills to fly that high speed.


How fast can a military drone fly?

1350 mph. Military drones can beat many other aircraft in terms of speed. These UAVs can even fly faster. Military drones must be as fast and accurate as possible to accomplish their missions.

Can a drone fly for 2 hours?

YES, High-end drones are designed to fly longer. Gas-powered drones can fly for hours without being recharged. Commercial drones can fly for 2 hours after a few alterations in them.

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