How Far Can A Drone Fly | How To Increase Your Drone’s Flight Range 5 Tips 

How Far Can A Drone Fly

Flying your drone higher and farther is exciting many times, and we all want to know how far a drone can fly. The distance between the pilot and the drone is referred to as Flight Range. Every drone’s range is always mentioned in the drone’s specs.

The drone flight range probably varies from 90 meters to 16 km. Every type affects the drone’s flight range, as toy drones have a short range compared to high-end drones.

Factors That Affect Drone Range

Some of these factors can affect your flight range.

  • Weather conditions affect your drone’s range, as Sunny weather is best for flying a drone
  • A poor battery can also affect its range
  • The drone’s quality directly affects your flight range
  • The signal receiver is the backbone for farther flights
  • Land and air space of flight
Factors That Affect Drone Range
Factors That Affect Drone Range

How long a drone can fly in the air is directly connected to how much weight it can carry. While flying a drone in rainy and windy weather is also far away from its controller, it will take a lot of work for a drone to return. Bad weather affects signals as well.

How long your drone will fly depends on how much money you spend on your drone. As usual, expensive and high-end drones will provide you with longer flight ranges.

How To Increase Your Drone’s Flight Range 5 Tips 

Usually, drones can fly up to 10-40 minutes, but their range could increase if you do the following things.

Upgrade Its battery

After a few months of usage, drones cannot provide the best ranges. In that case, you should upgrade your battery. Different kinds of batteries are available in the market, so research which battery is best and compatible with your drone.

Nowadays, some batteries will provide you with the longest flight time, but others will enhance the overall performance of your drone.

Bad Weather

Flying drones in windy and rainy weather is also a reason for short ranges. Drones will use more power to stay in the air in windy weather. Sunny and calm weather is ideal for flying or testing a drone.

Usually, in storms, there is also other traffic in the air which will interrupt your drone’s signals, and ultimately the drone’s connection will be lost, or your drone will crash.

how far can a drone fly
how far can a drone fly

Urban Area

Latest drones usually rely on GPS trackers, so if you’re flying a drone in an urban area, it could be intercepted by tall buildings and towers. Urban Areas would also be the reason for short ranges as drones will lose their connection with the controller and ultimately crash.

That’s the reason you should fly drones in the least crowded areas. But if it’s necessary to fly a drone in an urban area, you should find a location with fewer obstacles.

Full Charged Drones

Ensure that your drone is fully charged before every flight. It seems obvious, but it’s essential to avoid any unexpected power cuts that would lead to connection loss. A spare battery could be a great option if you’re out for adventure and want to shoot bird-view photographs.

Antenna Extension

Still, if you’re facing issues in longer flight ranges, you should have an antenna extension. This device will attach to the controller and increase the signal strength.

The antenna will improve signals between the drone and the controller; therefore, the range will also improve. But make sure the antenna is compatible with your device.

How To Increase Your Drone's Flight Range 5 Tips 
How To Increase Your Drone’s Flight Range 5 Tips 


The drone’s range is a general question when buying a drone. This article will help you to increase your drone’s flight range.

Now before choosing a drone you must follow these tips. This article will help you to find a compatible drone with your needs. Toy drones will give you significantly less range compared to high-end drones. 


What is the longest distance a drone can fly?

High-end drones have a flight range of 4-9 km. On the other hand, toy drones can only fly up to 90 yards. Common drones can fly up to 3 kilometers.

What happens when a drone goes out of range?

Whenever your drone’s signals are lost, 3 things happen: land on the exact spot, Return home, and hover on the exact spot. Modern drones automatically return to the flying spot when their connection is lost.

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