Holy Stone HS720 Troubleshooting

The foldable GPS drone Holy Stone HS720 was created to provide beginners and amateurs with an amazing aerial photography and filmmaking experience. This drone offers excellent characteristics at a low cost thanks to its electronic image stabilizing 4K camera, brushless motor, and longer flight time.

Its performance and functionality, meanwhile, can be impacted by a few problems. In this article, we’ll walk you through Holy Stone HS720 troubleshooting its most typical issues and offer workable strategies to fix them.

Holy Stone HS720 Troubleshooting

Quick Summary

In the blog, common problems with the Holy Stone HS720 GPS drone are discussed.

  • Issue 1: SD Card Files Not Displaying or Working – Possible causes and solutions are offered, including using a suitable card and appropriately formatting the SD card.
  • Issue 2: WiFi Connectivity Problems – Fixes for shaky or unusable WiFi connections are provided, including modifying WiFi settings and utilizing a suitable smartphone.
  • Issue 3: Range Restrictions – Answers are given for when a drone loses connection or control because of a low battery, a weak GPS signal, or being out of range.
  • Issue 4: Drifting – Discussions are held regarding calibration, weather, and propeller inspections as potential causes and remedies for drifting or irregular flight patterns.
  • Issue 5: Jittery or malfunctioning gimbal – Calibrating the gimbal and making little movements while filming are solutions for this problem.
  • Issue 6: Motor Failure or Overheating – Solutions are offered to prevent motor failure or overheating, including letting motors cool and checking for damage.

SD Card files not working or displaying

The Holy Stone HS720 GPS drone frequently encounters issues with SD card files that prevent them from appearing or performing as intended. Numerous factors, including wrong formatting, poor insertion, card damage or corruption, or incompatibility with the drone or device, can cause this problem. You can attempt the following fixes to solve this issue:

  • Use the FAT32 format with a 32KB allocation unit size while formatting the SD card with the Ophelia Go app or a computer.
  • With the label facing up and the gold contacts facing down, firmly insert the SD card into the slot.
  • If the SD card is corrupted or damaged, replace it and see if another device can read it.
  • Use an SD card that the Holy Stone HS720 can read (U3 or above, up to 128GB).
SD Card files

WiFi Connectivity

WiFi Connectivity Problems Stable or unreliable WiFi communication between the drone and smartphone is another issue that frequently affects Holy Stone HS720 GPS drones. Weak WiFi connections, improper or incompatible WiFi settings, smartphone incompatibility, or obsolete or buggy apps can all cause this problem. Take into account the following strategies to fix this issue:

WiFi Connectivity
  • To avoid congestion, move away from WiFi interference sources and change the WiFi channel on the app.
  • Disabling mobile data, VPN, and hotspot on your smartphone will ensure that the WiFi settings are compatible with the drone. On the app, set the WiFi region to the USA.
  • For the Holy Stone HS720 to operate at its best, use a compatible smartphone with iOS 9.0 or higher or Android 5.0 or higher.
  • The software can be updated to the most recent version, its cache and data can be cleared, it can be reinstalled, or you can try different apps like M RC Pro.

Range Restrictions

When the Holy Stone HS720 GPS drone travels too far from the controller or smartphone, users may experience problems with the drone losing connection or control. Low battery life, poor or lost GPS signals, being out of range, or interference from other devices are all possible causes of this issue. You can attempt the following fixes to fix this problem:

Range Restrictions
  • Keep an eye on the drone’s battery life and start the return when it drops to 30% or less. Use a fully charged battery instead for a longer flight time.
  • Before flying off, make sure the GPS signal is strong and steady. In order to fly safely, make sure there are at least 7 satellites visible on the controller or app screen.
  • Keep the drone inside the controller’s or smartphone’s designated range. The Holy Stone HS720 features an 800-meter maximum FPV range and a 3000-meter maximum control range.
  • Avoid areas where there may be interference, such as those with power lines, metal buildings, or radio towers. To improve signal strength, adjust the antenna angle on the controller or smartphone.

Holy Stone HS720 Troubleshooting Calibration

Drifting Users of the Holy Stone HS720 GPS drone may have difficulties due to irregular or drifting flying patterns. Issues with calibration, windy weather, or sensor faults can all contribute to this issue. The following are some remedies for drifting:

  • Before each flight, calibrate the drone’s compass and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). To ensure precise sensor readings, adhere to the directions in the user guide or the Ophelia Go app.
  • Fly the drone when the weather is ideal. Avoid flying in windy or turbulent conditions because they can interfere with the drone’s stability and control.
  • Verify that the propellers of the drone are firmly fastened and correctly attached. Propellers that are loose or damaged can lead to instability and drifting.
  • Use the Ophelia Go app to reset the drone to factory settings if the problem continues. Any software-related problems that might be the root of the drifting can be fixed using this.

Gimbal Issues

Jittery or broken gimbal footage The camera on the Holy Stone HS720 GPS drone is stabilized by the gimbal. Try the following fixes if your gimbal malfunctions or you see choppy footage in your recordings:

  • Make sure the gimbal is calibrated and safely fastened to the drone. To calibrate the gimbal, utilize the Ophelia Go app or adhere to the directions in the user guide.
  • While recording, stay away from rapid movements or violent actions. Motion that is smooth and soft can assist eliminate jerky footage.
  • Verify the gimbal’s motor is operating properly. Check for any physical harm or obstacles that might be preventing it from moving. Contact Holy Stone customer service if you require additional help or a potential replacement.

Motor Failure or Overheating

If the Holy Stone HS720 GPS drone is operated for lengthy periods of time without giving the motors a chance to cool down, motor failure or overheating may occur. A manufacturing flaw or high motor strain can possibly be the root of this problem. If you have issues with your motor skills, think about the following remedies:

  • Between flights, give the motors time to cool. To avoid motor overheating and potential motor failure, avoid making successive flights without a rest.
  • Look for any evidence of damage on the motors, such as bent shafts or loose connections. If necessary, replace any damaged motors.
  • Make sure the motors and propellers are firmly fastened. The performance of the motors may be hampered by loose propellers.
  • For expert advice and assistance, get in touch with Holy Stone customer care if you think there may be a manufacturing flaw or chronic motor problems.
Motor Failure or Overheating


 Aerial photography and videography aficionados can take use of a number of outstanding capabilities with the Holy Stone HS720 GPS drone. However, just like other technological equipment, it could experience some problems when in use. You may successfully solve common difficulties such SD card issues, WiFi connectivity issues, range restrictions, drifting, gimbal malfunctions, and motor failure by following the troubleshooting techniques described above. Keep in mind to consult the user guide or get in touch with Holy Stone customer service if you require more help.


Why is my hs720g camera not working?

In most cases, the reason why the Holy Stone HS720 camera won’t work is in relation to the version of the app you are using and on the OS you are running. Try updating to the latest version of the companion app. You can also try using an iPhone because Holy Stone drones don’t do as well with Android.

Why is my Holy Stone drone not responding to controller?

There could be several reasons why your Holy Stone drone is not responding to the controller. Some of the reasons could be that the propellers, motors, or remote controller are damaged. Other reasons could be that beginner mode is enabled, the ESC and compass are improperly calibrated, you are in a geo-fenced area, or your drone may have a firmware issue.

Why is my Holy Stone drone camera not connecting?

There could be several reasons why your Holy Stone drone camera is not connecting. One possible reason is that the phone is incompatible with the drone. To connect the drone, download the Holy Stone app and check if the wifi network appears. If it does, select the drone and get it connected. Other possible solutions include ensuring that the device is running the latest operating system, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, connecting to the drone using a different smartphone, and checking if the camera carrying the wifi card has disconnected from the drone during a hard landing. Another solution is to reset the wifi by turning it off and then back on again.

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