What Are Fixed Wing Drones | How Fixed Wing Drones Are Better

What Are Fixed Wing Drones

Fixed wing drones are just like airplanes. Fixed Wing UAVs can carry additional payloads and data equipment. These UAVs have the longest range over all other types. 

Unfortunately, fixed-wing drones need runways for takeoff and landing. However, modern technology also works there, and VTOL vertical takeoff and landing technology enable fixed wings drones to take off vertically.

What is the difference between a fixed-wing and Multirotor?

Reasons For Flying Fixed Wing

  • Loner Flight Time

When you have to map large-scale projects, the fixed wings have efficient aerodynamics, which helps them to fly for 90 minutes. At the same time, quadcopters can fly for only 45 minutes.

  • Time efficient

Using fixed wings for your projects will help you to save time. These UAVs can do the same tasks 2x faster than quadcopters. 

Increase your project capacity

Time efficiency means more mapping projects can be done over a specific time. Owning fixed-wing drones in place of quadcopters will boost your capacity, and you will be able to complete twice more projects as a quadcopter.

Land without power

Fixed Wing UAVs can recover power failure while other drones shut down and fall. But these UAVs continue to land without any power.

Less noise 

These UAVs produce relatively less noise than multi-rotor drones, making them a better option for large-scale projects.

Higher Altitude

These UAVs have the same qualities as airplanes; they can reach a height of 120 meters and even more.

How to use Fixed Wings

Fixed wing UAVs are world-like passenger airplanes. Thrust needs to be greater than drag, while lift should be greater than weight for flight.

As a result, these can fly faster and higher. 

Military operation

long-scale project mapping and high-altitude surveillance UAVs are mainly used for military operations.

long-scale project mapping and high-altitude surveillance UAVs are mainly used for military operations.

Cargo Delivery

These UAVs can deliver lightweight packages to nearby countries. They can easily carry and drop off payloads.


Fixed-wing drones are being and used to spray crops cultivated in larger areas. These UAVs make this process easier and faster.


They are equipped with real-time imaging, allowing rescue teams to respond quickly and accurately.

What are fixed-wing drones


Similar to airplanes, these drones can fly at higher altitudes at high speeds. These drones need runways to take off and land, but modern technology makes it easier also, and now there is no need for runways. Fixed wings can take off vertically.

These UAVs can do the same tasks 2x times faster than quadcopters. Mostly used for large-scale projects.


What is the advantage of a fixed-wing drone?

Fixed wings have several advantages over multi-rotor drones.

Can fly on Higher Altitude

2x longer flight time

Can do large-scale mapping 2x faster

What is the difference between a fixed-wing and Multirotor?

Longer Flight TIME. Fixed-wing drones can fly faster, on higher altitudes and can cover long distances than multirotor drones. That’s what they used for large-scale mapping.

How long can a fixed-wing drone fly?

Commercial fixed drones can fly for up to 90 minutes. But military drones have huge flight time, which makes them be in the air for 16 hours. 

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