The drone turns on but not taking off.

The Drone Won’t Take Off? How To Fix 5 Easy Steps

The Drone Won’t Take Off

Drone flying is becoming one of the most common hobbies nowadays. People want to be drone a pilot and take bird-view photos. As drone usage is increasing, more and more people are facing problems while flying. One such problem is drone won’t take off.

There could be many reasons, such as the battery, internal, compass, software, or rotor damage. In a few cases, you need to warm up your drone, but in some cases, it’s not allowed to fly a drone.

The Drone Turns On But Not Taking Off.

Your drone is turning on, its lights are working, and the camera is providing live feed, but the only issue is the drone is not taking off.

The drone won't take off.

In this case, you will need to do these technical things. 

Warm Up

One of the most common reasons a drone is not taking off is that it just needs a warm-up. Advanced models will show the message that the drone is warming up. In this case, you need to be patient while the machine is warming up.

There is no exact time for how long the drone takes to warm up, but you usually have to wait a bit, about 2-5 minutes. The best practice in the cold weather is to wait and warm up your drone longer.

Compass Issues

Another reason could be its compass which prevents it from taking off. Modern drones are capable of knowing when any issue occurs. A compass issue could indicate that the compass is wrong or not working.

Modern drones won’t take off when the compass is not working to prevent accidents.

The drone turns on but not taking off.


Physical damage could prevent drones from flying or taking off very little. In this case, propellers could be damaged or not positioned correctly. All four propellers should be positioned correctly. If any of them is not positioned correctly, your drone might not take off or crash.

Modem drones will show up a message that there is a problem.

Software Issues

Software issues are the easiest to fix. Because there is no issue with your drone or controller. You need to change a few settings or update the software.


If you fully charged your drone. Its light and camera are working, but they won’t take off. Then your drone’s battery is weak as drones need more power, so the battery biome weaker with time. You will need to replace your battery, or you should have a couple of batteries while operating your drone.

how to calibrate a drone


The usage of drones has increased recently, and their issues have also increased. Most of the machines face a few problems that frustrate their owner. Drones usually won’t have a significant issue, but we must look into it.


Why is the drone not taking off?

These are the free reason that prevents drones from taking off
Compass Issues
Battery problems
Software Issues
Physical Damage
Propeller Damage

How do you fix a drone that won’t fly?

You need to follow these simple steps
Warm up the drone before taking off
Check all propels are positioned correctly
Check the drone’s battery
Check Controller Battery
There could be a software issue
Restricted zone

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