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Drone Roof Inspection Software | How To Choose Drone Roof Inspection Software

Drone Roof Inspection Software

With drones, roof inspection has become much more accessible, safer and faster than ever before. Drones use high-resolution cameras or thermal cameras to provide the best data. Special software is used to transform this data into meaningful information. While choosing your drone roof inspection software program, it’s essential to consider your needs.

drone roof inspection software


Skycatch is one of the most popular roof inspection software available. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes roof inspections much simpler and more accessible.

This software has unique features, such as flight planning, that make flight paths accurate and safe.


Drone deploy is another popular software used for drone roof inspection. It is very similar to scratch. 

This software has unique features such as 3d Mapping and thermal imaging.

senseFly eBee

senseFly eBee is another drone software that is designed for professional use. It has several advanced features like live Mapping and real-time data analysis.


Pix4D is a powerful drone software program. It includes many advanced features, ad drone deployment and sky catch, but it also has unique features.

Pix4D offers cloud-based processing that makes data analysis easier.

Autel Explorer

Autel Explorer is not too old, but it’s gaining popularity quickly. Just like other software, it also includes unique features like advanced flight planning capabilities and an intuitive interface.

Walkera Voyager 3

Walkera Voyager has many features, but it widely uses for professional purposes. It includes features like an HD camera and a three-axis gimbal that helps to stabilise the camera.

ezDrone Mapping 

ezDrone is a drone software that offers several powerful features, such as 3d modelling and live Mapping.

Drone Inspector

Drone Inspector is a potent software. Just like every other software, it also has a few unique features.

Drone inspector allows for automating flight planning feature that makes making safe and accurate flights easier.

Yuneec Typhoon H

Yuneec Typhoon H programs offer helpful features like integrating a 4k camera, and its seven-rotor design creates more detailed inspection information.

How to choose drone roof inspection software

How to choose drone roof inspection software

While choosing a drone inspection software, you must be clear about your needs, as each software have different features. So it’s essential to consider your needs and requirements.

If you’re looking for simple and user-friendly software, drone deploy and sky catch is best for you.

But other options will be more helpful if you’re looking for more advanced features like live Mapping and 3d modelling.

Roof inspection reports

If you want roof inspection reports to be accurate and fast, then Dronedeploy software is recommended. Dronedeploy can provide customisable inspection reports, including all the essential data such as roof type, pitch and square footage.

Dronedeploy inspection reports can be generated quickly and accurately. Drone deployment will provide a more accurate estimate if you’re a drone inspection contractor or insurance adjuster.

Residential and commercial roof.

Roof inspection software must be quick and accurate and able to process small and large roof data quickly. Dronedeploy is perfect for any size of roof inspection, as it generates more accurate and quick data.

Dronedeploy is also perfect for roof contractors to inspect commercial and residential roofs.

Drone Roof inspection reports

Visual Inspection

Drones, equipped with high-resolution cameras, can be helpful for visual inspections. Pix4D allows you to create 3d models of roofs, which is used for many reasons like estimating roof damage and repairs.

If you want to document your work, Pix4D have the ability to create photo-realistic 3d renders of roofs that are used for marketing or presentations.


If you’re looking for drone roof inspection software, you will need to understand your requirements first. As each software has unique features, it is good to understand your needs. If you want simple, fast and accurate results, then use DroneDeploy.

If you want software for 3d Mapping, thermal imaging, and live Mapping, then go with Pix4D.

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