Drone Propeller Direction | Quadcopter Propeller Spin Direction

Drone Propeller Direction

Flying a drone is always fun. Some people want to shoot perfect videos with drones, and others want to know its mechanism. How does a drone fly? Drone Propeller Direction? While flying a drone, you should know the vast amount of physics, calculation, software, and engineering involved in making a drone’s flight super enjoyable.

You should know these processes if you’re a professional drone pilot. Understanding this mechanism is necessary to resolve issues when they pop up. 

A drone’s direction entirely relies on its propellers. It depends on which rate each propeller rotates. When you see a drone hovering, the propellers rotate opposite directions to keep the drone stable. By changing each motor’s rate, we can change drone directions in all three dimensions of the air.

Recreational drone pilots have yet to learn what’s happening and how this drone operates. But if you’re a commercial drone pilot, you should know this process.

Quadcopter Propeller Spin Direction

We will take a quadcopter as an example. Motor determines the way and direction of propellers. You have to ensure that the propeller is inserted into the suitable motor; otherwise, the drone will crash.

 For most drones, the propeller direction for each motor follows. 

  • Front Left – clockwise
  • Front right – counterclockwise
  • Back left – counterclockwise
  • Back right – clockwise
drone propeller direction

The movements of drones rely on and are controlled by spinning propellers in different ways. Some propellers slowed down to provide smooth flight, and others spun fast. Sometimes this happens at one time while climbing up. 

Movement of Drone

Drone movement is controlled by its joysticks. Left-hand joystick and right-hand joystick. The left-hand joystick is responsible for climbing up and down. At the same time, the right-hand joystick is responsible for left, right, forward and backward movement.

Left-hand joystick

The controller’s left-hand joystick helps make the drone climb up and down.

Climb Up

Every time you push your left joy stick of the controller, all the drone’s propellers increase their speed or rpm. The RPM increases and generates more upward thrust by forcing air toward the floor.


To decrease your drone’s height, you must push the joystick downwards. Now propellers will spin slower. As RPM decreases, the drone will also decrease its height.

Why do drone propeller spin in opposite directions?

Right-hand joystick

The right-hand joystick allows the drone to move in all four directions. Movement of the right-hand joystick causes RPM Increase and Decrease.


When you want to move your drone to the left side, suitable side propellers spin faster than left side propellers. This helps the drone dip left-hand slights and raise the right-hand side of the drone.


When you want to move your drone on the right-hand side, this causes the left-side propellers to spin faster and the right-side propellers to spin lightly slow. Just like turning left, now, while turning right left hand propels slightly raise, and the right-hand propellers dip slightly.


While moving forward, the front end of the drone dipped slightly, and the back end of the drone raised slightly due to lowering the RPM of the front motors and raising the RPM of the back motors.

Quadcopter Propeller Spin Direction


While moving backward, the drone needs to dip the back end slightly and raise the front end of the drone. Now back-end motor spins slowly while the front-end motor spins faster.


The motion of a drone solely depends on its propellers. If one propeller is not working, the drone will crash immediately. The drone depends on every motor and should be spinning at the right speed. You must ensure that the drone’s propellers are okay before every flight.


Which way do the propellers go on a drone?

 For most drones, the propeller direction for each motor follows. 
Front Left – clockwise
Front right – counterclockwise
Back left – counterclockwise
Back right – clockwise

Why do drone propeller spin in opposite directions?

The drone’s propellers spin in opposite directions to cancel out the torque, which helps drones move in any direction while flying.

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