How To Increase Drone Battery Life | Components That Affect Drone Battery Life

Drone Battery Life

Drones battery is the most crucial feature. Most drone users always keep complaining about drone battery life. Everyone wants to get maximum flight time. On average flight time of a high-quality drone is up to 45 minutes.

Low-end drones can fly for only 7-10 minutes. Mid-range drones have a flight time of 20 minutes.

The drone’s battery needs to supply power to every component because it is the only power source. That’s why having short flight times is common in most drones. 

Drone Battery Life

Components that affect Drone Battery Life

Low Power

As the battery is the only power source that is responsible for every single component. But if you fly your drone efficiently, it can increase the drone’s flight time. Hovering your drone in the air without consuming too much power will increase the drone’s flight time.

Battery capacity

Everyone knows that batteries come in different capacities in different models of drones. Powerful battery helps drones to fly longer. But these could be degraded if you don’t take care of them. You will need to charge them properly without overcharging them.

People who are looking for longer flights should use lithium batteries. Lithium batteries can store a good amount of power. Moreover, lithium batteries take time to start degrading. Lithium batteries could be costly, but they will give you a higher flight time.

Drone’s Weight

Heavy-weight drones require more power for propellers to take off. Weight directly affects the battery of the drone. Manufacturers in sure that their drones are compact and lighter in weight 

Lighter drones will consume less power and provide longer flight times. 

how high can a drone fly

How to Prolong Drone Battery Life

Now you know which components affect the drone’s battery. Now we will discuss how to extend drone battery life.

  • Weather

A sunny and bright day is ideal for a drone flight. Never try to fly your drone in the rain if it’s not waterproofed. Flying your drone in high winds and rainy weather directly affects your drone’s battery. 

The drone will consume more power to remain stable against winds, but these lighter-weight drones can’t able to face high winds. So it’s suggested not to fly in bad weather.

  • Extra Battery

Professional drone pilots always ensure that they have a couple of batteries. This is the most professional method where you can’t lose to running out of battery. You can easily fly for 80-odd minutes if you have four extra batteries.

  • Upgrade your battery

You should go with drones with big batteries, but if you have already bought a drone, its battery life is less than your expectations. Upgrade your battery with an aftermarket battery. Buy a battery with a higher capacity than your current battery.

While upgrading your battery, you have to ensure the weight of the new battery because few drones can’t fly with extra weight.

Upgrade your battery

Conclusion of Drone Battery Life

Drones’ batteries can be prolonged if you take care of them. You need to charge your battery timely. But still, if you want long flights, you have to buy some extra batteries or upgrade your current battery. This will defiantly help you. 


Can a drone fly for 2 hours?

Commercial drones have flight times between 15-45 minutes. As commercial drones are smaller in size
That’s because they have small battery life. Fixed wings drones can be in the air for a couple of hours. 

Why is drone battery life so short?

Commercial drones have small battery life because they are compact and lighter. The battery is the only source of power. That’s why the battery life of commercial drones is very short.

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