Drone Laws Alabama, U.S. (Everything You Need To Know in 2023)

Alabama Drone Laws

Alabama states have 5.04 million residents. Now you’re native or just moved here, or you’re travelling to Alabama, you may be curious about Alabama drone laws. 

Alabama allows drones, and there is no specific law at the state level. On a local level, orange beach, gulf shores and the cities of oxford have restrictions about where to operate UAVs.

After this article, you can determine where to fly your Drone in Alabama and where it is restricted. 

The Federal government of the US mandates drone laws in Alabama. So, we will discuss all laws.

Alabama drone laws

Federal Law

Government employees whore working for departments like the police etc. These departments will need a Federally-mandated Certificate of Authorization, or they need to follow the rules of the FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration).

Recreational drone pilots People using drones for fun or as a hobby must follow the rules of the FAA. Incase your Drone weighs more than 0.55 pounds, you must register your Drone. You will also need to pass The recreational UAS Safety Test. This exam is free to take and can be completed online.

Commercial Drone pilots also need to follow all FAA rules. They must need to pass the test and register their drones. People who are 16 know English proficiency, speaking, writing and reading English. Need to pay for the Part 107 Exam. This test will be taken at designated centers, not online. 

Alabama State Law

Alabama doesn’t have a specific drone law, but you can fly free. You will need to follow FAA part 107 rules when you’re flying a drone.

Local Level

In many cities of Alabama, there are local flight laws.

City Of Oxford

According to the Code of Ordinances City Of Oxford, Alabama, ARTICLE xi. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Sections 26-292. – Prohibited operations. And 26-293. Prohibited area operations and exemptions, the rules are as follows.

You are not allowed to fly drones or help someone to fly drones in the city and areas like city parks.

You will need to obtain written permission from the chief of police if you want to do so.

If you didn’t obey the rules, you were fined up to 500$ and six months in prison.

drone laws Alabama

City Of Gulf Shores

According to the rules, you’re not allowed to fly drones on gulf beach, especially during outdoor events or near that event. You will need permission to operate drones in these areas.

City of Orange Beach

You cannot operate a drone with a Detachable payload or any weapon device. You can’t use drones to watch and hover drones over people.


Alabama doesn’t have specific state laws, but drone operators must follow Federal Laws. If you’re a commercial drone operator, you must take the exam and register your Drone. 


Can you fly a drone at the beach in Alabama?

Drones are allowed on beaches. If you want to operate drones on beaches, you will need to obtain written permission from the chief of police if you want to do so.

Can you fly drones in Orange Beach, Alabama?

Recreational drones are not allowed to operate on beaches. 
Commercial drones need permits and license to operate on beaches. All drone pilots will also need a valid FAA certificate and registration.

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